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PenelopeDodd v2cPenelope Dodd has a background in micro business, social enterprise and community development. Her past life includes working as founder and GM of the award winning Tasmanian social enterprise Produce to the People, stints as manager of a high end muesli manufacturer Whisk & Pin, owner of Elevenses a niche cake mix business sold in gourmet food stores around Australia, a consultant to small food producers at some of the farmers markets in NSW and as the manager of a small five star hotel in the Blue Mountains. Penelope has also helped entrepreneurs launch, run and grow their businesses as a Small Business Consultant with a Business Enterprise Centre. Penelope has a Graduate Certificate in Business from UTAS, a Certificate 4 in Small Business and an Advanced Certificate in Community Welfare.
Contact: 0437 697 895 | penelope.dodd@manyrivers.org.au


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