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Arafura Times, Garma 2016: Partnership between Westpac and Many Rivers celebrated

At the Garma Festival on Saturday, Westpac and Many Rivers celebrated the establishment and expansion of 1,000 businesses, 500 of which are Indigenous owned businesses.

Many Rivers now operates in 25 locations across the country with an emphasis on regional and remote communities. Since 2009, Westpac and Many Rivers have partnered to offer microenterprise development support, including access to business loans totalling $5.7 million.

Speaking at the Garma Festival to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Aboriginal Land Rights Act, David Lindberg, Chief Executive, Business Bank, Westpac said the partnership with Many Rivers would help contribute to lasting social and financial outcomes for business owners and their communities….”We have chosen to partner with Many Rivers because it has made tangible differences to the lives of many people who are now self-employed and creating new jobs for others.”

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