NT Operations

JarrodEllis v2cJarrod Ellis has many years’ experience in small business and finance while working in managerial roles for a family owned business. He has spent many years working in remote regions of Arnhem Land and other isolated areas of the Northern Territory. Jarrod is passionate about helping and supporting people in business to achieve their life goals and fulfill their ambitions.
Contact: 0476 842 163 | jarrod.ellis@manyrivers.org.au

MattMorton v2cMatt Morton grew up in Nigeria in West Africa and has spent many years working in Uganda, Ethiopia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea. Over the years, Matt has witnessed many people struggle financially and in their circumstances. Matt values the concept of having a “fair go” and has joined Many Rivers to help people move forward socially and economically.
Contact: 0472 822 198 | matt.morton@manyrivers.org.au


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