Leadership Group

John Burn
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
John has more than 20 years’ commercial banking experience, including 10 years across a range of senior leadership roles. John joined Many Rivers in October 2009 and has overseen all aspects of operations including supporting Microenterprise Development Managers, management of the loan program, development of organisational systems and processes, product development and Many Rivers’ finances. In April 2014, John was appointed Chief Executive Officer and Director. John holds a Bachelor of Science and an Executive MBA.
Contact: john.burn@manyrivers.org.au

Neil King v2c

Neil King
Head of Microenterprise Development

Neil’s previous experience is garnered both locally and internationally in the finance and banking sector and most recently in executive positions within the not for profit sector. Neil was previously Head of Region for QLD and NT before accepting the position as Head of Microenterprise Development in March 2018. Neil has a B.Com in Banking and Finance and is a Fellow of the Institute of Financial Markets (South Africa), a certified Finance and Treasury Professional Member (Senior) of the Finance and Treasury Association and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.
Contact: neil.king@manyrivers.org.au

BridgetCentenera v3c

Bridget Centenera
Head of Community Economic Development

Bridget has worked in microenterprise and community development for 18 years. She has worked extensively in South-East Asia, South Asia and Africa; engaged directly with communities and with Microfinance Institutions, building capacity and developing programs. Bridget became involved with Many Rivers in 2009; since 2015 she has been leading the Many Rivers’ Community Economic Development Program with Indigenous communities in regional and remote Australia. She holds a BA and Masters in International Studies (Development Studies) and Postgraduate Certificate in Accounting and Finance.
Contact: bridget.centenera@manyrivers.org.au

Dean Candler-Szabo
Head of Projects and Operations 

Dean has over 15 years’ of project management and process design experience working as a former IT Management Consultant. He has been involved in project implementation in the UK, Europe, North America and Australia/New Zealand. Dean joined Many Rivers in March 2014 and oversees the operations and finance support teams as well as managing the development and introduction of new product. Dean holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) (Hons) and a Bachelor of Commerce.
Contact: dean.candler-szabo@manyrivers.org.au

ScottWoodwardScott Woodward
Head of Region | NSW & VIC

Scott has over 20 years’ commercial banking experience in managerial and senior finance roles. He has been involved in various bank-wide projects and throughout his career been actively involved in the community. Scott joined Many Rivers in July 2012 and oversees the NSW and VIC Operations. Scott holds a Bachelor of Economics and has completed various management and leadership training including Macquarie University Principles of General Management and the Harvard Club of Australia leadership program.
Contact: scott.woodward@manyrivers.org.au

Robert Collins v2cRobert Collins
Head of Region | QLD & NT

Robert has over 30 years’ experience in banking and risk roles throughout rural, regional and metropolitan Queensland, including senior leadership roles in risk. Robert holds tertiary qualifications in Business (Banking and Finance) and Management and is a senior associate of FINSIA (Financial Services Institute of Australasia). Robert has also been active in youth development at a national level and commenced with Many Rivers in 2017 to oversee the QLD and NT operations. 
Contact: robert.collins@manyrivers.org.au

Lisa Kelman
Head of Region | WA & SA

Lisa has over 25 years’ experience in the banking and finance industry and has completed numerous management and leadership training programs. Her diverse background encompasses consumer and business lending, equipment financing and front line team management. Lisa has also owned and operated two small businesses. Lisa began working with Many Rivers as a client Mentor in early 2016 and realising her passion she joined the team in October 2016 to oversee the WA and SA operations.  
Contact: lisa.kelman@manyrivers.org.au

Simon Pachos
Head of Finance and Operations

Simon joined Many Rivers in June 2017 and brings many years experience in accounting and finance, mainly from the mining sector. Based in Grafton, Simon manages the back office, is CPA qualified and holds a Bachelor of Commerce.
Contact: simon.pachos@manyrivers.org.au

Sam Woodcock
Head of Product, Process and Systems

Sam has over 13 years’ experience working across 7 countries in asset management, micro and small enterprise lending, financial technology, and organisational development. Sam joined Many Rivers in July of 2018. He holds a Bachelor in Business Administrations (Finance) and a Master in Public Administration. Sam is responsible for delivering new products and maintaining process excellence.
Contact: sam.woodcock@manyrivers.org.au

Britta Zimmermann
Head of People and Organisational Development

Britta joined the Many Rivers team in October 2018 with over 13 years’ HR experience across the facets of people & culture, training & development, organisational development as well as compensation and benefits. Having worked across a range of positions nationally and internationally, Britta has a strong passion to support organisations and their people to grow and unlock their full potential. Britta holds a Bachelor and Master in Business Administration.
Contact: britta.zimmermann@manyrivers.org.au