Community Economic Development Program

Andy Rushton
Far North Queensland

Andy has over 18 years of community development experience in Australia. He held the position of CEO for a welfare service in Victoria, followed by several community development senior management appointments, including 3 years in a remote Aboriginal community in Northern Territory and more recently 5 years with a child welfare service based in Far North Queensland. Andy has extensive remote employment and business enterprise development knowledge and hopes to combine his expertise and experience for the betterment of remote communities. Andy is currently completing a degree in Anthropology.

Rohan Corpus
Darwin, NT

Rohan has extensive experience leading initiatives in cross cultural communities across Australia, South East Asia and North & South America, working in areas of program design, implementation and sustainable development. As a qualified animator, mobiliser and community development practitioner, Rohan has been able to work effectively as a change agent and champion innovation through economic opportunities. Rohan is an Aboriginal man and values family and cultural connections and honours the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander values of respect, relationship, responsibility, reciprocity and rights.

Marcus Tanke
Ceduna, SA

Marcus comes from an extensive retail business management and financial services background and has worked throughout many metro and rural locations around South Australia. Based in Ceduna, Marcus is passionate about bringing Many Rivers’ support to his local communities and helping those communities thrive through economic development.

Brett Mackie
Toowoomba, QLD

Brett is a highly experienced community relations practitioner who has specialised in land rights, native title and community engagement. Drawing on over 20 years working and advising Indigenous corporations, native title representative bodies, state governments and multi national corporations, Brett has delivered meaningful engagement strategies, successful agreement making and sustainable implementation programs. Brett brings a passion for community empowerment and economic development as well as extensive corporate experience and knowledge.