September 2017 Client Stories

Clinton John van Roon, CJ’s Unique Creations
Perth WA | September 2017

PerthWhat is your business? How long has the business been operating?
I’m making vertical gardens and pots out of recycled pallets and also making half wine barrel fish ponds. I just source the wine barrels and turn them into fish ponds. I’ve been operating about 6 months.

What were you doing before you made contact with Many Rivers?
Not much. I was trying to find a job and wasn’t having much luck and that’s why I decided to do my own business. I was working here and there but nothing permanent.

What is your previous work history and experience?
Before I had my accident, I was up north on the mines. … Continue reading →

Nathan Swadling, BoxCamp PT
Grafton NSW | September 2017

GraftonWhat is your business? How is your business going?
My business is a mobile boot camp with an element of PT (personal training). We have grown it now to ten boot camps in four different areas and on top of that, we have mobile PT sessions. It’s been operating for about five months. Business is going well. We had a tough start where it rained three weeks non-stop. Now it’s firing and going crazy. We just started a 30 day challenge with 30 people involved. On top of that we’re doing eight to ten personal training sessions. It’s at a point now where we’ll possibly bring someone on.

How did you get in contact with Many Rivers?
Someone recommended Many Rivers. I can’t remember exactly who but it could have been IBA (Indigenous Business Australia) or someone like that. I was offered to apply for a grant then realised that the process was so long that it wasn’t going to suit. The process to possibly receive any funding was going to take about six months. I did some research online about Many Rivers then called Ofelia. … Continue reading →

Beth Ogle & Samira Hill, Doll’d up and Loc’d up in Toowoomba
Toowoomba QLD | September 2017

ToowoombaWhat is your business? How is your business going?
We started in May so it’s been open for five months. We started doing dreadlocks, nails and eyelash extension but dreadlocks are going so well that we’re just doing dreadlocks now. Our niche was dreadlocks but we were told by a few people to have something a little bit mainstream. But nails and eyelash extensions are just not working for us.

Why did you want to go into business?
We had a few different reasons. Beth has dreadlocks and no one to maintain them. And she has three young kids and as they are growing up, they need a little bit more money. As for myself, I’ve got bipolar and I’ve been fired from my last two jobs. My lows are very low and it could mean being in bed for a week. I was helping Beth maintain her dreadlocks and Beth asked me, ‘What do you think about starting a business?’ and I wasn’t doing anything so why not? We have alternative looks and I have bright pink hair with facial piercings so it’s hard to fit in with the corporate world. It’s been really good for my confidence to start a business and also good for my ‘condition’. … Continue reading →

Jessica Edgar, Luminous Makeup
Broome WA | September 2017

Broome 2What is your business? How long has the business been operating?
My business services the Kimberley and surrounding areas for a mobile makeup service. Basically I go to clients and make them look beautiful. I’ve been operating since June this year and I run it on the weekends. We’re pretty busy during the race season from May to August and especially the wedding season as well.

What were you doing before you made contact with Many Rivers?
I’ve been working part time in my current role with the Department of Child Protection for over a year now but I’ve always wanted to start my own business. I did a makeup course in January for about 8 weeks which entailed makeup and styling. I was always interested and dabbled a bit in hair so makeup was just an extension to that passion. … Continue reading →

Robert Johansen, Woolah Tours
East Kimberley WA | September 2017

E KimberleyWhat is your business? How long has the business been operating?
It’s an Indigenous cultural tour out to Doon Doon. Me and my partner started it in the tourist season this year and we had people but it wasn’t flat out. The Woolah people for that country used to live there back in the day and they show rock art, talk about the Barramundi Dreamtime story and the summer scenery there is awesome. They show people bush tucker and bush medicine and they also find things like sugar bags which is bush honey and show them that. They talk about cultural stuff and it’s a scenic place. It’s also good for bird watchers too.

What is your previous work history and experience?
I worked out at the Diamond mine and that’s where I met my partner, Denise. She was working there as well. Her father’s side is where Doon Doon is and her mother’s side, the Bungles, that’s their country. She used to work on tour companies out there and had said she wanted to do tours so we started this business to take people out to her country over here. … Continue reading →

Paul Durston, 4670 BBQ
Bundaberg QLD | September 2017

BundabergWhat is your business? How long has the business been operating?
My business name is 4670 BBQ. We do American low and slow BBQ – beef, chicken, lamb and all that stuff. We’ve been operating for 18 months and it’s going really good. We do two different markets on two days which gives us weekly income. We’re about to do a 10 day CMCA (Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia) national event in Bundaberg. There’ll be 1,500 vans and 4,500 people and I’ll be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m in Brisbane now getting a second smoker to make sure I have enough food for people.

Why did you want to go into business?
I was a plumbing merchant for nine and a half years and they let me go on my birthday due to a medical problem. I was suffering from severe depression and I needed some help. I approached the company and the easiest thing for them was to let me go with nothing in my pocket after nine and a half years. In saying that, if they hadn’t let me go, I wouldn’t be doing this business and loving life. Everything happens for a reason. At first, I didn’t know what to do and my friends said, why don’t you follow your passion? So I followed my passion and my business has kicked off really nicely. We’ve been voted the best food vendor in Bundaberg. … Continue reading →