December 2016 Client Stories

Cate Green, The Institute of Imperfection in Bendigo
Bendigo VIC | December 2016

Cate Green - BendigoWhat is your business?
I run a sewing and pattern making school. I’ve been running it since early February but I did the NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme) program mid-year so technically it’s been running since October. It went really well in the beginning but you need something other than sewing classes to be viable. I did the NEIS program to find out what else I could do. Frankie came to do a presentation at NEIS and afterwards I rang Frankie to have a conversation.

What services did you receive from Many Rivers? How did it help?
I’ve been meeting with Frankie since October. As a resource, she’s brilliant! She knows everything and everyone in Bendigo. It’s been very good, the networking and linking up. I’ll have an idea and share it with Frankie and she’ll say, talk to this and this person and I can write you a letter of introduction. She’s given me general advice to keep things rolling, setting up networks and processes, marketing which we have done a lot of and she’s leading me gently into the nightmare of recordkeeping! … Continue reading →

Tricia Walker, Jitta Art in Innisfail
Far North Queensland | December 2016

Tricia Walker - Cairns1What is your business?
Jitta Art is a family business. We support the rainforest artists in North Queensland, run cultural workshops and sell souvenirs. It’s been running for five years but it has been a struggle. We started the business then lost our business mentors in the early stages of our development which caused us to lose our structure and direction for a long period of time. I met Gabby a year ago through DATSIP (Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnership).
Why did you want to go into business?
My sister Freda had a dream of running an art café. The dream was to help build a business for our family, and to employ our kids and family. It was to help our family and that’s still what keeps us going. … Continue reading →

Sheila Humphries, Wadgee Designs
Perth WA | December 2016

Sheila Humphries - Perth1Sheila Humphries is a Noongar elder who is an acclaimed artist, story teller and educator. As a young child, Sheila was forcibly removed from her family as part of Australia’s Stolen Generation, and was taken to St Joseph’s Orphanage at New Norcia Mission in Western Australia. Sheila began to paint as a means of processing the trauma she experienced as a young girl. She is a prolific artist whose work has been displayed internationally and has even been included in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest piece of Aboriginal artwork. … Continue reading →

Kylie Haeusler, Last Stand Taxidermy
Moree NSW | December 2016

Kylie Haeusler - Moree1What is your business?
We do leather goods, make custom made horse bridles, saddles and we do taxidermy although it hasn’t started yet. Also we’ve been going to the market every weekend and doing kids leather craft where kids can stamp their own key rings.

What were you doing before you made contact with Many Rivers?
Not much, nothing really. Both of us were at home just building our house and gardening and stuff. … Continue reading →

Djawa ‘Timmy’ Burarrwanga, Bawaka Cultural Experience
East Arnhem NT | December 2016

Bawaka Cultural Experience - East Arnhem2What were you doing before you made contact with Many Rivers?
I was trying to operate my business and I was trying to find out ways to learn financial management, business planning, risk management and how the business works. Understanding business philosophy is important – the way business works in the mainstream world, but connecting culturally with the mainstream. Business is very hard – it takes a lot of time and effort and sacrifice, and the learning is very important. There are many ways you can learn.

What is your previous work history and experience?
I used to work before I started my own business. I was employed by Landcare and I used to teach students in primary schools about the Yolngu names for trees and plants. I was very passionate about this work and to teach this to people. About 10 or 11 years ago, I decided I wanted to do this as a business; it was my dream and my vision. I was thinking about it seriously, and then I spoke to the families and decided to do it. I studied and I learnt and now I am doing it. … Continue reading →

Jessica Duff Art
East Kimberley WA | December 2016

JessicaDuff-EastKimberley1What were you doing before you made contact with Many Rivers?
I was trying to find a way back into the workforce after a debilitating depression stopped me from working.

What is your previous work history and experience?
I have worked in the Kimberley for 45 years in Wyndham, Halls Creek and Kununurra. Most of my work has been as Project Officer or grant writer with various Indigenous groups in the drug and alcohol field.

Who referred you to Many Rivers? When?
I already knew of Many Rivers, so when Centrelink sent me to Job Network, I asked them if I could work with Many Rivers. That was about a year and a half ago. … Continue reading →