Dave Campbell & Glenys Dalliston, Davo’s Fresh Seafood

East Arnhem NT | September 2018

Davo's SeafoodWhat is your business? How long has the business been operating?
Catch and sell fish. 2016. Just starting to make money now with ice machine and deep freeze. This will help us do processing in the future.

What were you doing before you made contact with Many Rivers? What was your previous work experience?
Getting fishing licenses and learning how to get business started. Jarrod helped us understand how to start the business and get licences.

Who referred you to Many Rivers? When?
In town, Galiwinku and someone told us to speak to Jarrod and we started talking.

Why did you want to go into business?
Mainly because we wanted a business for our kids when we are old. A business to look forward to. Catching and selling fish was good for the community. Not all elders have cars or can go fishing so we can help there and eating fish is healthy for everyone to be more healthy.

What services did you receive from Many Rivers? How did it help?
Jarrod told us how to start a business and directed us to others to speak to about funding like Teresa. Everything we needed to know he would help us every step of the way. Access to printers to print forms and keep us going. He has been a great help.

Did you get a loan from MR? How did you use the loan?
No. Grant from Teresa Holdsworth (NT Dept. Trade, Business and Innovation)

Do you have any current employees? If so, how many employees? Are they full time or part-time?
No. Just family at the moment and a friend helps us. Just making enough money to get by. The ice machine and freezer will help us to get into filleting and processing

What has been the biggest challenge to date?
Biggest challenge is getting in and out of town and at right times due to tides.

Davo's Seafood2What has been the biggest success to date?
Getting to where we are. Happy we got this and it’s all legit, making money for future of business. Good to have your own money doing something we really like. We love fishing.

What has been the biggest change for you/your family since you started your business?
Get things we couldn’t afford before. We live at outstation. Getting in and out of town and money has helped us get to Darwin and buy cheaper things. Buying bulk things in Darwin like sinkers and hooks.

What do you hope to achieve in the future?
Excited that we made this and it is going to go a long way this business. Kids are keen on fishing. I can’t wait until we get our big boat.

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