Client Stories

Dale and Michelle Thompson, CNC Creations Bendigo
Bendigo VIC | December 2017

FY18Q2 Bendigo2What is your business? How long has the business been operating?
It started out as a hobby with 3D printers, models and working with CNC milling and machining. My partner Michelle had finished up with work and the hobby sort of grew as people became interested and started buying our products. We moved away from 3D printing and focused on CNC Milling and suddenly it became viable as a business. We do personalised wooden pieces for weddings, births and celebrations. Most of our exposure is from weddings.

We’ve been operating since the start of the year and the income has allowed us to expand. We now have a CNC Laser, doubling our machinery. We’re trying to understand the different markets now and trying to appeal to different customer bases so experimenting with home decor, children’s decor and Christmas decorations.… Continue reading →

Darielle Brunton, Mama D’s Healthy Meals
Adelaide SA | December 2017

180131 Adelaide - Darielle Brunton Mama D's Healthy Meals 3What is your business? How long has the business been operating?
I’ve been operating about 6 months and it’s called Mama D’s Healthy Meals. It’s vegetarian and vegan meals. I cook them here on the farm and use home grown or locally produced vegies or products and then I deliver them once a week to people that order – they do it all on Facebook.

What were you doing before you made contact with Many Rivers?
I was struggling on New Start and they came in through the disability stream. They were sending me off to lots of job interviews and things at horrible cafes selling meat pies and chips and all that and I just couldn’t bear it. How this all started, my best friend got cancer so during her treatment she couldn’t cook or anything but she needed to eat well so I did all her cooking for about a year. One of her friends said maybe you could cook for me too and then I just sort of thought I might do a Facebook page and see if there are other people that I don’t know, who might be interested. It just sort of took off in a big way from there which has been awesome. … Continue reading →

Charlie & Evonne Yebarrarr Dhamarrandji, Galiwinku Sports Store
East Arnhem NT | December 2017

180131 East Arnhem - Charlie and Evonne Dhamarrandji Galiwinku Sports StoreWhat is your business? How long has the business been operating?
We sell jerseys. Boys, girls, mens and womens. We have about 4 teams here. Business is going alright but we haven’t done much selling so we still have the stuff in the boxes. We’re waiting for the season and also trying to find the space where we can sell.

What were you doing before you made contact with Many Rivers?
I was working at the hospital, cleaning at the health centre.

Who referred you to Many Rivers? When?
My friend told me if you’re someone who wants a business, see this guy. That’s when I met Jarrod. … Continue reading →

Jacque Seliscar, Hometown Café Lithgow
Dubbo NSW | December 2017

180131 Dubbo - Jacque Seliscar – Hometown Café LithgowWhat is your business? How is your business going?
My business is a café called Hometown Café and the reason we came up with this name is because of the vision I had of wanting a café where people felt at home. The business is doing well and we are so happy with our customers’ feedback. They actually love it, and the community love it. Things we wanted to happen, it’s happened. We’ve had customers fall asleep in the café which makes me happy as it shows that they felt welcome and at home. Customers have become friends and when they see that we’re really busy, they come into the kitchen to help! It’s just absolutely beautiful.

What is your previous work history and experience? Why did you want to go into business?
When my Australian wife and I moved to Australia, I worked in hospitality and I didn’t like the way people managed things. They push you to go and clear and clean the table as soon as people finish eating. I wanted to create an environment where there was no pressure for customers to leave fast. We wanted to create a community. For example, having a baby is a full-time job and we wanted to create a small playground so that mothers could catch up with friends and spend time together. … Continue reading →

Nigel Novak, Mandala Foods
Perth WA | December 2017

FY18Q2 Perth - Nigel NovakWhat is your business? How long has the business been operating?
We started in February last year and came up with the idea of doing this so we registered the business name and then went about the process of getting a supply contract with IGA (Metcash WA). It’s a premium coconut yoghurt made locally in our commercial kitchen so the product itself has no nasties. It’s a vegan product, gluten free, dairy free, locally produced and the probiotics are selected specifically in a combination that will yield gut health and immune support.

What were you doing before you made contact with Many Rivers?
Struggling. I mean we still struggle but it’s just a different depth. We were in a holding pattern with no money. I had to do a mandatory course to qualify for NEIS but really it was a waste of time because we had no money so we couldn’t do anything. I was stuck for about 6 months until I was in a mentoring meeting with the NEIS provider and someone said why don’t you contact Joy from Many Rivers. … Continue reading →

Glenn Deegan, Gardening Services Broome
Broome WA | December 2017

FY18Q2 BroomeWhat is your business? How long has the business been operating?
My business is called Gardening Services Broome and I had it registered in May. I’ve been through Morrgul who helped me start the business but then they got me onto Dan for the microfinance and it’s just been going from there.

What were you doing before you made contact with Many Rivers?
I was doing nothing. I was very lost for about 6 or 7 years. I was an alcoholic and a drug addict, on the dole and just bothering everyone. In about February, I ended up giving my heart to the Lord and ended up getting baptised. I go to church now and go every Sunday. Things have just been going really well for me. I’ve ended up having my own business and my own apartment. Life is all good. … Continue reading →