Brenden Miles, Printing

Roma QLD | June 2019

What is your business? How long has the business been operating?

Just started. Sublimation printing on coffee mugs, drink bottles and clocks. We also do business promotional items.

What were you doing before you made contact with Many Rivers? What was your previous work experience?
I am bipolar. I have done a bit of everything – contracting, race car engineer, lots of odd jobs. I wanted to find myself in life and get off Centrelink benefits.

Who referred you to Many Rivers? When?
I was referred by Aim Big disability providers via Centrelink about 5-6 weeks ago.

Why did you want to go into business?
We have got young children. I want to build a strong business to pass onto the family. I want to show my kids that anything is possible. I come from a family of truck drivers and I want to dream big and make my dream possible.

What services did you receive from Many Rivers? How did it help?
I just got the funding recently. Gordon has been putting us in contact with different people like councils etc who can purchase our products. He’s been a great help. Gives us more ideas. Helps with quotes and margins- how to make a profit. We are a low income family so we want to be affordable. We don’t’ want to overprice. We still need to make a margin and Gordon’s help to navigate pricing structures has been great. He has done lots of research. Gordon is a terrific help.

What did you find the most useful about the assistance from Many Rivers?
Pricing and quoting advice. I can call him anytime. He is always there to talk.

Did you get a loan from MR? How did you use the loan?
Yes. Purchased a business package for printing and some supplies.

Do you have any current employees? If so, how many employees? Are they full time or part-time?

What has been the biggest challenge to date?
Finding the work. Gordon has told me to utilise my network. Eg contacts from my past. Have tried some Facebook advertising. It is nervous and scary to start a business. You worry a bit.

What has been the biggest success to date?
Getting jobs. Fulfilling the dream. Some big coffee mug orders have come from local contacts. Its great fulfilling the orders and seeing the customer happy.

What has been the biggest change for you/your family since you started your business?
Fulfilling the dream. Its feels good to get going. I love showing my 3 young kids how to succeed in business.

What do you hope to achieve in the future?
Not going broke in first 6 months. Long term financial growth to support myself and family.