Many Rivers Microfinance Limited (Many Rivers) is a not-for-profit organisation that supports aspiring business owners with microenterprise development support and access to finance in order to see the potential of people and communities realised.

Many Rivers was established in 2007 as a result of a series of pilot programs that were led by global microfinance leader Opportunity International Australia. Our operations commenced in Grafton NSW in 2008 and have since expanded to include 6 Community Economic Development Managers and 40 Microenterprise Development ManagersĀ in 32 locations across all states and territories in Australia.
(See National Program Map)

Our Approach

  1. Local Enterprise Development
    We live and work in the communities that we operate.
  2. Practical Business Support
    We focus on what needs to get done to get the business started.
  3. Access to Finance
    We provide business loans based on mutual trust, no security is required.
  4. Journey with People
    We walk alongside our clients, providing support and encouragement.